Wound SMD and Chip Inductors Wound SMD and Chip Inductors

Wound SMD and chip inductors are highly reliable in sudden temperature change
These inductors are resistant to mechanical shocks
SMD wound chip inductors are suitable for surface mounting
These inductors are used in high frequency telecommunication equipment
Frequency range:
10Hz – 500kHz

IWound SMD and Chip Inductors EMI (Common Mode) Chokes

Common mode chokes have two coils wound on a single core
Single & 3 Phase
Common mode chokes are useful in prevention of EMI currents from power supply lines
Frequency range:
Up to 100 MHz
1uH – 60H at rated current

AC / DC ChokesAC / DC Chokes

Custom designed and tested high precision range of AC and DC chokes
These chokes are custom made to suit diverse industrial requirements
50/60 Hz Frequency
Single & 3 Phase.